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Spend a weekend in the beautiful woods of Oxfordshire 


Switch off and make time for yourself, you deserve it.


Rediscover your energy through outdoor activities.


Reflect on your social media and other digital habits.


Find out more about the science of habits and digital productivity.


Design your new approach to social media for balanced life.


Meet the Founders of Social Media Detox Camps

Manse Ahmad

Manse is the founder of Wilderness Pioneers. He grew up in Oxford and spent many hours as a youngster exploring Oxfordshire’s countryside, learning about and studying the wildlife and flora of the area. With his naturally inquisitive mind these early days sparked a life-long interest in all things to do with our countryside, natural habitats and abundant wildlife. Upon leaving school Manse began to formalise his interest in the outdoors by taking courses and qualifications to teach Bushcraft and outdoor skills. When not at work, Manse is preparing for his next adventure.

Sylwia Korsak

Social media advisor and practitioner helping individuals, organisations and brands articulate their stories with the help of the social web. Founder of BlogaLife – Social Media Literacy platform. Personal coach working with individuals wishing to understand, manage and own their own goals with the help of tech and social media. Active social media practitioner, blogger and writer. Event and citizen journalist. Transmedia reporter. Exhibiting and selling photographer. Author of ‘Wantage Tales’ documentary. When not online you can find her in her allotment.

Social Media Retreats in the Heart of Oxfordshire

Combining 20 years of our expertise in bushcraft and social media for balanced life

Reconnect with Nature

Our courses are designed to be highly educational and most importantly fun for people of all ages and abilities. Amongst other things, we teach indigenous living skills from all over the world and an appreciation and understanding of the flora and fauna in our own countryside. We aim to teach you through knowledge and practical skills to be totally at ease in the outdoors and to understand the rhythm of our countryside and its changing seasons.

Learn Healthy Habits

Old habits are difficult to change but new habits are fairly easy to introduce and if you understand how habits really work you will find a lot of practical solutions for today and for your future digital activities as well. Our courses are designed to introduce you to the basics of habits, willpower and general work productivity to help you find the right balance for your life.

Manage Social Media

We have developed our Social Media Detox Camps to embark on a journey towards more balanced and effective usage of social media and digital. We will provide you with practical solutions. We will have a lot of fun together, but also dedicated time for one-to-one retrospective sessions with our coaches. We will introduce you to important, new measurements of social media productivity leading to a happier, more balanced life.


20 years of our combined experience in their words:

I Direct a team that run a number of advanced "Wilderness Living Skills" courses for Gloucestershire County Scouts. We initially brought Wilderness Pioneers on board purely in a consultancy role. We were looking for ways of improving the courses we delivered for our young people. We soon moved from the consultancy role to the team at Wilderness Pioneers running first one, and more recently two of our highest level or most advanced courses. They are also a great help in our programme of training for scout leaders. The guys are warm and engaging instructors. They have the knack of quickly soothing the nerves of worried trainees, both young people and adult leaders alike, all the while still providing stretch goals and developing our young people. The team's passion and enthusiasm for their chosen subject just shines through, this is often commented on by the trainees. We can't help but keep inviting them back every year. They have an extraordinary skill set and knowledge base which is readily apparent. The preparation and communication prior to their running an event, the energy & professionalism during the event, and the feedback after the event is always exemplary. We can wholeheartedly recommend Wilderness Pioneers.  


Gloucestershire County Scouts 2015
The idea of taking time out to think and reflect about how I use social media, to consider new ways of how I can maximise effective use of it and  to stand back away from everyday life and allowing myself switch off sounds like bliss. Combining this with exploring ways to get back in touch with nature and recharging in the countryside sounds like bliss.


Co-Chair of Wantage Summer Festival
Sylwia has helped me set up my new blog for campervan cooking and to generally connect up to social media in an organised way. Not only has she given practical assistance, she has also given me a whole new understanding of social media and how it all works together. I feel a lot more confident about using it and I am now really excited by what it can do. When you are with Sylwia you know that you are with a real expert and yet she is also very approachable and a generally wise human being. Working with Sylwia may well have been the difference between success and failure for launching my new career in writing.


Campervan Cookie Blog Founder
You give me a real sense of balance and possibility with expressing myself. It's like you allow me a roadmap to my self-expression. You are like a cartographer for my social media.


Director at Photography to Soothe the Soul


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